Patient care equipment can be found in every healthcare facility in our country. This equipment is essential in the day to day operations and critical to the well-being of patients. Often times, this equipment is not properly cleaned, and that is where our On-Site Deep Cleaning (OSDC) service comes in.

What type of equipment can typically be deep cleaned?
Stretchers, wheel chairs, IV poles, trash cans, linen carts, over bed tables, med carts, OR tables, mayo stands, ring carts, kick buckets, workstations on wheels, step stools, patient lifts, AND MORE!!!

Specialty Deep Cleaning Applications

Healthcare facilities face some of the most stubborn and difficult cleaning challenges. NEXClean has developed a comprehensive service to help facilities address these mundane and demanding cleaning tasks; thus allowing employees to focus on more prominent responsibilities. Learn more about our solutions for elevator tracks and cabs, trash and laundry chutes, stainless steel kick plates, etc.

Exterior Deep Cleaning Solutions

NEXClean believes that it is important to provide an extensive list of solutions for our customers. We have worked diligently to offer an all-inclusive program that helps healthcare facilities meet their most difficult challenges. With this in mind, we extended our deep cleaning services to the exterior of healthcare facilities. Our exterior deep cleaning service targets  building exteriors, entrance causeways, concrete and asphalt surfaces and windows.